JioTag Launched: Features, Benefits, Specifications, Price

One of India’s largest companies, Reliance, recently achieved a tremendous advancement in technology with the introduction of its innovative product, JIO Tag. Building on the success of its digital services division, Reliance, the firm has added JIO Tag to its portfolio, a unique gadget that has the potential to revolutionize how we monitor and manage our possessions.

Reliance’s entry into the expanding market for Internet of Things (IoT) devices is represented by JIO Tag. It blends state-of-the-art technology with the business’s dedication to providing customers with economical, convenient, and high-quality items. Reliance hopes to reinvent personal monitoring solutions with JIO Tag and meet the changing demands of a society that is empowered by technology.

What is this Device JioTag?

Users may keep a careful check on their valued goods, including personal items like wallets, keys, or luggage as well as critical papers and devices, with the help of this small and adaptable device. People may have real-time visibility and control over their possessions using the Jio app on their smartphones by attaching the JIO Tag to the selected object.

To ensure accurate and dependable tracking, the JIO Tag makes use of cutting-edge features including the Global Positioning System (GPS) and long-range wireless communication technologies. Users may set up unique notifications for movement or tampering, follow the position of their possessions with ease, and even set up safe zones or boundaries to get warnings when things exceed established bounds. JIO Tag also provides seamless integration with other Jio services, which increases its usefulness and convenience.

Key Features of JioTag

At first look, JioTag appears to have several attractive characteristics, and JioTag is priced at Rs. 749. The range is fairly good, and features like built-in speakers, an additional battery, and a one-year battery life are all very nice. Check out all of JioTag’s features in the table below:

Product Dimensions3.82×3.82×0.72 cm  
Net Weight77 gm  
TechnologyBluetooth 5.1  
BatteryReplaceable CR2032  
Battery Life1 Year
Inbuilt SpeakersYes
Water ResistanceNo
App NameJio Things

Additional Features

  • Find Your Thing
  • Tracking Your Mobile Device
  • Disconnection Alerts
  • Disconnection Location
  • Can find the Jio Community
  • Bluetooth-enabled lost and found tracker
  • Free extra Battery and Lanyard cable inbox

Who is JioTag for?

JIO Tag is made for people in all types of demographics who appreciate the ease and security of being able to track their possessions. It helps people on the go stay on top of necessities like wallets, keys, luggage, or computers by catering to busy professionals, frequent travellers, and mobile people. Parents and guardians may use it to keep track of where their kids are, and relatives who are taking care of senior citizens can assure their safety and get notifications if their loved ones leave designated safe areas. 

Pet owners can locate their animals and avoid theft, and business executives and students can protect their priceless belongings. A wide spectrum of consumers benefit from JIO Tag, which gives them greater security, comfort, and ease in their daily lives.

JioTag vs Apple AirTag

Both JioTag and AirTag are Bluetooth-powered, but they differ in several ways, including cost, compatibility, and range.

JioTag is less expensive than AirTag, with a one-piece cost of Rs 749 as opposed to Rs 3,190. JioTag operates outside within a 50-meter range, whereas AirTag extends its range via Apple’s Find My network. JioTag’s ability to withstand water is uncertain, whereas AirTag is IP67-rated.

Compatibility is arguably the largest difference, though. While AirTag is only compatible with iOS smartphones, JioTag is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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